Tafaseer-ul-Quran ka Tahqiqi Muazina

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A Comparative Study of The Commentaries of The Holy Quran

This book has been compiled by Moulvi Burhan Ahmad Zafar Durrani, Nazir Nashr-o-Ishaat, Qadian. He has chosen some of the widely accepted and well known Urdu Commentaries of the Holy Quran for this work and has drawn the attention of the readers particularly towards those references contained there in which owe their origin more or less to the Israelite narratives or tradition. The compiler then goes on to present the views of other commentators on all these commentaries and compares them with the commentaries published by the Jama'at Ahmadiyya which, being encyclopedic and unique in their nature, purge away all the objections of the non-Muslims occasioned by the fallacious commentaries of the Muslim Commentators against the immaculate and excellent teachings of the Holy Quran.