The Reminiscences of Zafrulla Khan

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Interviews by Prof. Wilcox and Prof. Embree of Columbia University

Introduction by Prof. Pervez Perwazi

This is what M.M. Ahmad, a former Executive Director and Vice-President of the World Bank, as well as former Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of Pakistan, has written about Sir Zafrulla Khan in another context:

"Zafrulla Khan walked through the loftiest corridors of world power with ease, grace and dignity and left his indelible mark on whatever he touched. Few personalities of his age combined and contributed both to worldly assignments of enormous delicacy and critical importance and at the same time never neglected to the Creator and devoted services to Islam and the Muslim world....

Giants like Zafrulla are not born everyday. They adorn humanity and ignite a brilliant light which illuminates the paths of many and invites and directs them to follow."