The Babi and Bahai Religion

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The Babi and Bahai Religion is a short but comprehensive treatise in English on the teachings of Mirza Ali Muhammad Bab of Shiraz (Iran) and his successor (who later broke away from Bab and introduced his own religion, Bahaism) Mirza Husain Ali Bahaullah, was compiled by A. Q. Niyaz.

The book deals with a contemporary religious movement - Bahaism - which alleges that it replaces Islam as a world religion and is a quite active evangelical movement, it needs to be looked at with a critical but impartial approach as an Islamic response to it. We deem that the treatise in question is an adequate response to the challenge of Bahaism to Islam.

The book covers (1) the history of Babism and Bahaism and their basic tenets; (2) the true nature of the claims of Bab and Bahaullah; (3) a comparison between Islamic and Bahai Sharia; and (4) the question why the Quran and Islamic Sharia are irreplaceable.