Quelques traits caractéristiques de l'Islam

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par Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV

Translated into French by Mr. A. Y. Bhunnoo
Pages: 25
Some Distinctive Features of Islam (French)

English description:

1. Islam is unique in that it recognises that God has guided all nations and peoples by means of various Prophets and Messengers. It does not claim a monopoly of truth, but rather consolidates all other local and temporal teachings into a universal and comprehensive faith. No other faith either claims universality or recognises the existence or veracity of other dispensations. It is the unifying and reconciling nature of Islam that is appropriate to this modern age of advanced communication and intercourse between peoples.

2. The apparent differences between religions result from attempts to compare teachings appropriate to different ages, regions and peoples and extrapolate them to universal application. Secondly differences arise from the innovations and distortions of time which Allah has not permitted their adherents to introduce.

3. Islam uniquely claims that it is the perfect and eternal religion, the culmination of all else before.

4. The scripture of Islam, the Quran, has been safeguarded by Allah Himself,. both in its letter and spirit. The text of the Quran is preserved in the memory of countless thousands of muslims and Allah continues to guide His people through reformers and guides.

5. Islam covers every aspect of human physical, moral and spiritual existence and every facet of social, economic, judicial and administrative intercourse.

6. Finally, Islam is a religion of peace, unity and brother-hood for the whole of mankind.