My Book About God (HB)

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The concept of God can only be truly and adequately explained by God Himself, as it has been done in various phases through revelation. This concept has been put forth in all its glory and wealth in the Holy Quran, the Scripture of Islam, which mentions its various aspects.

Islam gives the following fundamental attributes of God Almightly: He is One. He lives today and communicates with His servants as He did in the past. He is Eternal. Nothing else besides Him is eternal. He is All Powerful, All Knowing God. He is the Creator of all things. He punishes the transgressors, but He also forgives where it is wise to forgive.

We have tried to explain all these aspects in this booklet, creating an everyday situation where children ask questions to their elders. We hope and pray that the booklet will prove of tremendous value and benefit to children of all ages, new comers to Islam, and others who are interested in the subject.