Manji - Another Pawn Advanced

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A so-called 'insider' exposed by Ansar Raza

All religions, Islam being no exception, must confront the severe criticism of its teachings. In the past 14 centuries many Orientalists, based on their knowledge of Arabic and the Holy Qur'an, Hadith and Fiqh have attacked Islamic scriptures on gender inequality, racism and many other ills that plague society.

While the Orientalists pass judgments externally, a new breed of writers have begun to attack Islam from within, thus attempting a reinterpretation of Islamic teachings.

In this work, Raza has ventured to respond to the biased attack on Qur'anic teachings by writers such as Irshad Manji and has presented the true picture of Islam. He has done extensive research to rebut the allegations leveled against Islam and has exposed the inherent prejudice of recent writers.

No stranger to controversy, Raza extensively analyzes how religious teachings have been perverted by the irreligious actions of people who consider themselves believers. Raza is a published author of books on Islam as well as a regular contributor on the religious impact of contemporary issues. His articles are published in local magazines and newspapers.

Pages: 116