Islamic Concept of God

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by Muhammad Zia Ullah

The central concerns of this book are the relationship between God and mankind in everyday life: whence we came, whither we go, who has sent us into this world, and to what end or purpose. In a highly condensed but lucid manner the author argues as to why God should be adored and loved above all others and outlines the various motives for love.

The book sparkles with quotations and verses from the Persian and Urdu literature of past centuries, treating questions of good and evil, of life here and in the hereafter, reward and punishment, divine wrath and pleasure, happiness and sorrow, heaven and hell, the Great Gathering and the Great Reckoning.

The Commandments of God are not arbitrary and man's love for Him is an avowal to which all civilizations bear witness. The book is a hymn to the love of Allah, testimony to the complex dialectical relationship between Creator and created, and a resounding critique of materialist philosophy.