Hadhrat Umar Farooq (ra)

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Hadhrat Umar occupies an important place in world history in general and the history of Islam in particular. He was a great statesman, a great general, an excellent reformer and by all standards a great leader.

The book is a new addition in the Children's Book series. It contains the life history of this great man, the system of his government, the reforms carried out, and the battles Muslims had to fight during his Khilafat.

It also describes his role in battles, which the Holy Prophet had to fight in the defence of Islam, the treaties he made with Makkans and others, his love for Allah, the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet, Hadhrat Abu Bakr and the Muslim Community as a whole.

Author: Rashid Ahmad Ch.

ISBN: 1 85372 719 9