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Fath-e-Azeem-the Power of Prayer over Prejudice rediscovers a little-known chapter of American history. It chronicles an early twentieth century prayer duel between two men who claimed to be Divinely appointed prophets. Overshadowing their claims was a predicament of epic proportions: they offered diametrically opposite messages, and one ofthem was the proven liar.

Reminiscent of the accounts told in the Old Testament, the lone voice of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) emerged from the hinterlands of Qadian-a village of India-to boldly challenge John Alexander Dowie, a Christian faith healer and one of the wealthiest and most powerful Americans of his day, to a spiritual contest: whoever perished within the lifetime of the truthful would prevail. This is the awe-inspiring account of a Muslim who was so deeply connected to God that he would confidently publicize his prophecies-and his grand defense of Islam-before the global court of public opinion, and in so doing, stake his entire reputation of honesty and truthfulness that he had so diligently accrued.

Fath-e-Azeem-the Power of Prayer over Prejudice documents the dramatic unfolding of events as seen through the lens of newspaper media coverage spanning four continents.

Hard cover - 507 pages