Evidence Please

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By Ansar Raza:

Non-Muslim orientalists have attacked Islam for centuries, but these attacks have recently taken a new shift. While dressed in the guise of sympathetic reformers, some people, who were born into Muslim families, have become staunch critics of Islam.

These self-proclaimed “insiders” are publishing books—one after another—against Islam, calling it an intolerant, oppres­sive, and primitive faith incompatible with the 21st century. They argue that Islam, born in the tribal society of 7th century CE, cannot meet the requirements of the present age, hence the need for extensive reformation. Ironically, these self-pro­claimed reformers lack in-depth knowledge of Islamic teach­ings.

One such critic is a Somali-born Dutch American activist, for­mer politician and author of Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Ref­ormation Now, Ayan Hirsi Ali. Ansar Raza Sahib has authored this book as a rebut­tal to the unfounded and baseless attacks Hirsi Ali launched against Islam.