Did Jesus Redeem Mankind?

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by Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud AhmadKhalifatul Masih II(ra)

Being an analytical examination of the Christian theories of original sin, of Messiah's sonship of God, the crucifixion thesis and the Doctrines of human redemption throughvicarious atonement, in the light of Biblical concept of the Divine image as reflected in the shape of man.

This book is not a chronicle of the clashes and conflicts that took place between the two great religions in the past. These are a continuing part and process of history. Far from that, the book tackles the problem at a higher plane, in the light of a prophetic background as embodied in the Bible and subsequently manifested through historical events, highlighting the basic similarities between the Mosaic and Muhammadan dispensations, as also the basic contradictions that have given Christianity its popular concepts, making of it a rival to its own original blueprint.