Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya - Part V

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Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya—Volume V

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, The Promised Messiah and Mahdias)

When the Promised Messiahas began writing the earlier parts of Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, he was a solitary man of the most meagre means living in the remote village of Qadian. By the time he wrote Part V, twenty-three years later, the help of Allah the Exalted had blessed him with international renown and a flourishing community numbering into hundreds of thousands. Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya Part V is the consummation of arguments in support of the divine origin of the Holy Qur’ān and the Prophethood of the Holy Prophetsa. It is also a living testimony of the claims of the Promised Messiahas to be the divinely ordained Messiah of the Latter Days.