Alif Baa Taa Thaa Arabic Alphabet Book and Flashcard Set

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Alif Baa Taa Thaa Arabic Alphabet book is a colorful, unique and interactive book that will keep your little ones intrigued. With peek-a-boo pages, children will have fun guessing what's behind the page and building their Arabic vocabulary simultaneously. 

Each Alphabet in the book is paired with colorful and bright illustrations and clear transliterations, to help pronounce the Arabic words clearly. This board book is made with high quality, thick cardstock that will last the test of time and little hands. 

Each book comes with a sticker sheet to complete the activity at the end of the book. Your little ones can match the stickers to the Arabic Alphabet, further enhancing their memory recall and letter recognition. 

There are 30 colorful flashcards, with the Arabic Alphabet on one side, and a corresponding word and picture on the other side. Each card also has the Arabic transliteration to help you pronounce the letter of the alphabet or the Arabic word. You can use the cards to play games by holding up one card and asking your child what's on the other side. Or shuffle all the cards together and ask your child to put them in order of the alphabet. The possibilities for learning are endless!

The cards are great for on-the-go learning and the book is made of high quality cardstock and perfect for little hands. 

Hardcover Book

Size: 9 x 7 Inches (LxW)


Size:  6 x 4 inches (LxW)