Audio Prayer Book for Kids

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Key Features:
12 Essential Prayers: Covers a diverse range of fundamental Islamic prayers, carefully selected to instill a strong spiritual foundation in children.
Bilingual Audio Buttons: With a simple press of the buttons, kids can seamlessly switch between English and Arabic recitations of each prayer. This feature not only helps children grasp the meaning of the prayers in their native language but also exposes them to the eloquence of Arabic.
Engaging and Interactive: Each prayer is presented in a child-friendly, interactive format, ensuring that learning becomes an enjoyable and memorable experience. Children will delight in pressing the audio buttons and participating in the prayers.
High-Quality Audio: Immerse your child in crystal-clear audio recitations delivered by native speakers, enabling them to develop correct pronunciation and pronunciation of the Arabic verses.
Durable and Child-Safe: Crafted with premium materials, the audio book is built to withstand the playful nature of kids. Moreover, we prioritize safety, ensuring that all components are child-friendly and non-toxic.
Perfect Gift: Whether it's for Ramadan, Eid, a birthday, or any other occasion, this Audio Book makes a thoughtful and cherished gift that nurtures the spiritual growth of the young ones in your life.